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A member of the PEFA group.

PEFATOP Company, Ltd. was established as a multinational company in 2009, taking part in continuing the tradition of the PEFA group firms whose history dates back to 1990's and partly in the professional knowledge an experience of company representatives in management, economic, commercial and legal support .

We are part of the engineering and construction industry and we provide complex office services.

PEFATOP Company, Ltd. has adopted and nowadays maintains an integrated management system according to international standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001

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Integrated management system

PEFATOP Company, Ltd. is according to § 33 article 1 of the Act no. 506/2009 registered in the registry of trademarks of the Industrial Property Office of the Slovak Republic under the reference No. 228358. The reproductions are shown in the pictures bellow.
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